Breast Cancer?! – (Why I) Relay For Life

Since last year, a lot has happened.  Things I will get into another time.
This time, I’d like to ask you for support.  Not only is finding a cure for cancer something close to my heart, but with current situations here, it’s something I feel I need to support more.

In short, I’m going to a surgeon due to possible breast cancer.
In November last year, I went in to see my family doctor for some problems I was having with my right breast.  He wanted me to try some creams.  When I went back in to tell him they didn’t do anything, he told me it could be Paget’s disease of the nipple.  December 24th I went in to see him again after finding a small lump in my breast.  He confirmed this and sent me for an ultrasound.  I had the ultrasound and went for my follow up appointment in the middle of January.  The ultrasound was clear.  Nothing on it, not even a cyst!  Protocal is to wait to see if it gets worse or goes away, so as I was sitting there in limbo, I went back in to see him last weekend after finding two more lumps.  One is an inch and half and shaped like a tear drop, second is like a long, skinny finger.  The first small lump is a ball shape.  All hard lumps however.
I saw him at the walk-in, he wants me in at the office on the 3rd so he can send a referral to a surgeon for a biopsy.

So, that has been a large part of my recent past/present, something that has me on edge worried literally sick that my kids will be left without a mother.  I’ve seen so many of my friends and family go through cancer and all but one have passed away.  My view on cancer is pretty grim to say the least.
What I’ve done this year, is joined the Relay For Life.  My kids and I are going to go down and walk at least 5km, every step counts!

What I’m looking for here is support.  Support for me…  I’m almost 30 years old, my kids are 7 and 8 this year.  My husband and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this year, and 16 years together.  I was raised by my grandparents, who both passed away in 2006.
For my grandpa…my Daddy, who passed away from lung cancer at 65 years old.
For my cousin Felicia who passed away from brain cancer at just 23 years old, after going into remission 3 times.
For my great grandma who had stomach cancer which quickly spread.
For someone who was like an uncle, and my grandparents best friend, Ralph.
For my uncles girlfriends dad, who was also taken by lung cancer.
And for so many others!

Also for those who are fighting cancer.  They need the love, light, and strength to keep going on.
And for those dealing with the grief of losing someone from cancer.

Please help me by supporting my friends, family, strangers, and of course, by supporting me.
Click the photo below.  Any donation you contribute can be reimbursed when you do your taxes.