My 500 Words – #4 Free write

Todays challenge is to free write.  Free write means writing off the top of your head without any editing and what not.  I think I have this challenge down pat as that’s my current blogging style.
I have been using the prompts as the topic of my blog entry for the day, however I’m not sure I could get at least 500 words on why I free write.  So today I’m just going to write on a single subject.  One of my goals is to stick to one subject per blog entry, and eventually per blog.  I need to get creative to do so though.  (Just wanted to mention, that to the end of this sentence is exactly 130 words, 500 is easy to do if you’re thinking of doing the challenge.)

I have been a member of a website called Care2 for 9 years now.  Care2 is all about raising awareness, helping those in need which includes people as well as animals, etc.  They have a daily “click to donate” area and when you click on them, they do actually make a donation for that cause.  There are many petitions there as well and you are able to create your own for the cause of your choice.  They have groups  as well.  Care2 is full of wonderful, caring people who are standing up for those who cannot stand up or speak for themselves, and those trying to help save the planet.  Helping nature is something I strongly believe in.  It may be my Wiccan path, or perhaps it’s seeing the differences in the world in my 29 years living on it, but it’s changing.  It’s not a good change either and something needs to be done for possibly our own children, our grandchildren, their children, and so on.

The reason I bring up Care2 is simply because they help protect the “big cats.”  By big cats, I mean cougars, bobcats, lynx, panthers, etc.  I don;t know about you, but I absolutely love wild animals, especially the big cats!  They are gorgeous!  My personal favorites would be the white leopard and the white tiger.  Beautiful creatures.  However beautiful, also vicious, especially when hungry or when they have cubs.

snow leopard   white siberian tiger pictures1

Yesterday as my Pug was sitting in my bay window, she started barking a lot.  I looked out the window to see a lynx in my yard.  We’ve been having a lot of wild big cats around here lately.  Two cougars over by the bus stop where I have to walk my daughter and pick her up.  This is over a block away from home and no one’s home near by after school.  This is what a lynx and cougar look like:

lynx   o-COUGAR-facebook

Those paws are enough for me to fear for mine and my daughters safety.  I spoke with my uncle about this and he is going to see if he has a pellet gun laying around that he’s not using.  I think it’s a good idea, however, I don’t want to hurt them!  I know these are big animals and it would be more of a sting than actually hurting them, but in my head, I’d be hurting them.  I’ve also been thinking of getting a fog horn, but I’m not sure just how effective that would be.  I have lived out here out of city limits for 8 years now, but it’s just this year that there has been a very large amount of wild animals.  Even moose.  There was a moose just a couple weeks ago.  This was a huge moose though, it looked like he got into steroids.  The moose and deer tend to stick to themselves as they aren’t carnivorous.  These cats most definitely eat meat and it’s mating seasons!  The bears are also starting to come out of hibrination now.  The bus stop is along a greenbelt area.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any experience or suggestions for me.  I’m all ears on this one!

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