My 500 Words – #3 Wake up early



Today’s prompt is “wake up early.”  Unfortunately, I was woken up earlier than I planned to get up at.  I have this dog.  She’s a little cute Pug/Terrier with a curly tail, her nose is a bit pushed in, and she has the jaw strength of a tiny pit bull.  She’s a great dog and full of energy.  Obviously the energy is from the Boston Terrier, not the Pug in her.  However, she likes to bark, and barks at almost anything.  This morning, she was looking out the window and saw a jogger with a Black Lab go by and barked for a good half an hour.  She woke up the kids who proceeded to yell at the dog.  The kids were up late, so I was pretty disappointed with the dog.

This is my dog Luna:

I was trying to think of times I had to wake up early for specific reasons.  I can think of a few that stand out in my head very well.
In 2008, my little guy had to be at the hospital super early in the morning.  He was born with a bilateral hernia in the groin area.  When I first took him in to the doctor for it, it looked like he had grown a third testicle.  I wasn’t sure what to think.  We saw a doctor who was new(ish) to the office, he got on the phone with a specialist saying he had no idea what it could be and sent in the referral to the urologist.  The doctor saying that scared me a bit though.  Now, my little minion has a scar to remind him (and me) of this surgery.  Unfortunately, I’m waiting on a call from the hospital for his second surgery.  This is to remove his tonsils and adenoids.  He was hospitalized in October for his tonsillitis which was so bad, his throat was nearly closed off and his oxygen would drop dangerously low.  The nurses and pediatricians were in every 20 minutes, give or take.  It was that often that his oxygen level would fall.

Another time I’m thinking of that stands out isn’t really waking up early, but being woken up accidentally.  I remember everything about this one.  It was June 4th, 2006.  I woke up to the sound of something falling.  Something had fallen and hit the floor very hard.  Hubby and I were living with my grandparents at the time after our house had been broken into it.  I didn’t feel safe, and it didn’t feel like home anymore.  My grandma had an accident in 1998; she stood on a computer chair which rolled out from under her causing her to fall.  She hit her head on the thin border along the wall and the floor.  She said she was okay, but it turned out that her brain turned completely sideways in her skull.  The doctors told us to start preparing her funeral and what not.  I was 13 at the time and though I was heartbroken, I had hope that she’d be okay.  They did brain surgery, had remove a chunk of her skull and tried to screw it back on, but it would stay.  It floated around on that spot.
Fast forward to June 2006.  It was my grandma who had fallen.  I opened my bedroom door to see her feet outside the bathroom door.  My heart sunk.  She was unconscious.  I ran up to her and she came to, asked me to help her up and change her shirt for her as I called my uncle to take her to the hospital.  And I did.  She was okay and they let her go home.

The next day, I wasn’t woken up early, but I did wake up early.  It was that morning (june 5th) that she fell a second time.  Within 2 hours, she was in a stage 4 coma and on life support.  That night, she was sent in an air ambulance 8 hours south where the brain surgeon told us he could do anything, that she was already “brain-dead.”  I didn’t sleep at all that night.  She passed away on June 10th, 2006 at 62 years old.

Another time was the last day I spent with my grandpa.  November 24th, 2006.  He was diagnosed with lung cancer on July 10th, 2006, exactly a month after my grandma passed away.  This cancer however, had already metastasized to his brain and covered 3/4’s of it.  The chemo and radiation did shrink some of the tumors in his lungs, but it did nothing for the cancer on his brain.
Hubby and I had purchased a new home at this point.  That morning, hubby had to work, so I had him drop me off at 4:30am.  At this point, my grandpa wasn’t coherent at all.  If you’ve ever seen anyone deal with lung cancer, you’ll know the end stage can be horrifying.  The noises, choking on the fluids in the lungs because the lungs pull all the fluids from the other organs in the body.
My grandpa sounded like a loud coffee maker.  Near the end though, the sound went away and it was like a calm had come over the house.  He passed away that night.

My early mornings on purpose are not the best memories, but they’re what I have, and sometimes it’s good to talk about those things as they still bother me.  Yes, I still have things from my past to work through.

3 thoughts on “My 500 Words – #3 Wake up early

  1. I think it’s cool how these blog challenges make you look back on things! I don’t know what is “early” for you…I’m up at 5:30 a.m. walking MY dog, ha! I did that a bit begrudgingly at first, but I’ve come to enjoy the early morning stroll around the block. Wakes me up, helps me thing clearly and gives me some quiet time to think about the tasks for the day ahead!

  2. O.K… so you know my thoughts on early.. well, earlier than my usual 6am. UGH! I’ve done it before.. for years I used to have to leave my house at 6am, meaning up at 5am to take dogs out first.. gotta love those dogs! Well, I wouldn’t have it any other way.. they give me way more than I give them 🙂 I like your 500 words work.. love that it has you writing more, helping you work through past experiences and sharing with us. I think if you look back on old posts you’ll see how much your writing is evolving 🙂 Now, go take a nap!

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