My 500 Words #2 – Goals

Todays blogging prompt for the 500 words challenge is to write about my goals regarding blogging.  I feel like I’ll be repeating myself though as I did state my goals yesterday.  I’ll give this a try though.

My goals for the end of this challenge is to be able to write on any given topic.  I have no problem venting about my personal life, but who would?  When it comes to writing something on a given subject, I’m more like a deer in headlights with a confused look on my face.  The prompts for the challenge aren’t necessary, but I plan to use simply for this reason.  I’d like to better my skills of writing, since I don’t have any. 😉  I’m hoping to work on my many grammar mistakes.  I did get a A+ in English 12 and you’d think with my background in medical transcription, my grammar would be much better than it is.  Which reminds me.  The name of that Android app I was speaking of yesterday is called “English Grammar.”  I also have another called “En Grammar” and a dictionary.

Another goal I have is to start pre writing my entries.  I’d like to have meaningful entries that keep you wonderful people coming back to read more.  Of course, my crazy life seems to be doing a decent job.  I have yet to figure out if that’s good or bad.  A bit of both perhaps.  I have tried pre writing once and ended up changing almost the entire entry, a few times.  By the time I’m done editing, I have a completely different entry.  So I gave up on that and just write “in the moment.”  I do the same thing when I write poetry.  It’s while I’m writing that current poem that I go back and change words.  I never save the poem and go back later to edit.  I’ve had poetry published, so I don’t think it’s done any harm, but I do know it could definitely be better.

A goal I have for the future is to write a book.  Actually, I’d like to write a couple of books.  One would be a poetry book.  I just need to get over feeling the need to keep my poetry to myself.  I had a close friend try to steal my poetry, it devastated me.  My poetry, my writings in general are mine.  My experiences.  I have no fictions writings at all.  My poetry is true, it’s real, and it’s straight forward in some cases.  Some is very depressing from when I was a young teen going through depression and fighting suicidal thoughts, some were from when I was put into seclusion in the psych ward.  Pregnancy and infant loss is another big category I have, as is heart-break.  My words may not be very mature, but at this point, I can edit those!

The other book would be a book about my life.  I’ve been through so much in my nearly 29 years.  More than most go through in my opinion.  Regardless, I have a lot of experience in a lot of bad situations.  That means I have a lot of experience dealing with these bad and/or hard situations.  I think my story could possibly be someone elses story, at least parts of it, and could hopefully help them deal with whatever circumstances they may be going through.  Life is hard.  Sometimes all we need is that one person to notice and give us a hand to gain our balance again.  That is something I love to do; help people.  It’s something that makes me feel like a good person and gives my life added meaning.  If I can help one person, especially overcome something like sexual abuse, an abusive parent or spouse, a pregnancy or infant loss, my life gains that much more value to me because I know that person will rise to be all that they can be.

My short-term goal is to do this challenge!  I’m really hoping to make it through this!  I have so much going on at home though.  At this point, hubby is taking the day off work tomorrow so we can lift the carpet on the main floor.  It’s entirely carpeted and the house flooded now that spring has arrived.  We’ve been busy trying to move everything upstairs, but with two children, it’s hard work!  Both kids are on spring break right now, but my little guy has his speech therapy on Tuesdays.  The week after next, they start school again.  My son is currently home schooled due to his severe speech problems.  I’m taking an online course also.  A lot of things that need to be done around the house as well.  My cat is about to have kittens too!  My daughter let her out the window while she was in heat, so kittens it shall be!

Tomorrow prompt says “get up early.”  Here’s the deal.  I am not getting up earlier than I already do, which is 7am.  I have what feels like chronic fatigue syndrome due to the anemia I have.  I also have a best friend named insomnia.  I will be up at 7am, unless my kids wake me up prior to that.  There is nothing in particular the challenge says to write about, so I’m going to have to think of something.  I’m aiming for one topic, rather than many topics, however I haven’t written about life in general for a while.  Tempting!  Let’s see what I come up with.

Feel free to leave some ideas for me!  I’ll use them in future days!

4 thoughts on “My 500 Words #2 – Goals

  1. The stuff you said in your first paragraph about working on skills because you don’t have any – well, I think that may have been a bit tongue in cheek. This is the first thing I have read of yours and while some people don’t enjoy stream of conscience stuff – as it is the way I tend to write – I dig it. So, this whole process is about building your skills so keep working it out. The prompts are there for source material they’re not mandatory – I have been in the group since the first of January and I have yet to follow a prompt. Keep at it – you’re gonna be fine.

  2. Pre-writing definitely helps me out. It gives me an outline and direction. I just do the web mapping because I’m a visual thinker and it helps me build connections and clarity.

    You’re right, I wouldn’t get up early at all. Maybe you could write about why you can’t in more detail, or your struggle with it. Or “getting up early” in a figurative sense. Or a time when you got up early that was a big deal or funny experience. ??

  3. so, getting up earlier for me… is an ugly thing.. not something you’d want to experience in my home.. ughhh.. I’m up at 6am 5 days a week and sleep in til 6:30 on weekends.. If anyone asked me to get up early for my own good I think I’d slap them.. Why would I get up at 5:30 only to torture everyone including myself with my morning misery!! Oh, just the thought. As for writing in a more focused way.. maybe you could take one part of your ‘draft’ post and elaborate on just that and save another part of the draft to elaborate in a separate post? Just a thought.. but I find writing is an evolving craft.. the more you do the more it becomes a fine tuned communication tool 🙂

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