My 500 Word Challenge – #1 Commit to the plan



As the title says, I’ve decided to join this challenge where you write a blog entry per day, minimum 500 words per entry.  I’ll post links and what not at the end of this entry for you to take a look at in case you’re interested in giving this challenge a try!  To start, I thought I’d share some information on this.
I think this would be a great start for any blogger or writer out there who’s just beginning, like I am.  I have been writing in online journals and what not for at least 15 years, but never about a certain subject, etc.  It’s always been regarding my life, the current events, ups and downs, my animals, family, friends, etc.  My life in general.  I’m hoping this will help me at least get some thoughts flowing so I can juice my brain of all its goodness.

My 500 word challenge is a 31 day challenge.  Like I said, you are to try your best to write a minimum of 500 words per day.  If you’re new to wordpress, right blow your text box when you’re adding a new entry, there’s a word counter.  You can also use something like MS Word, or OpenOffice which is very similar to MS Word and even opens Word documents, except it’s completely free.  This is a super handy program when you’re on a tight budget.  Another wonderful program for blogging is Evernote.  You can download this program completely free as well.  Take a look at the websites to see the differences and see what would work best for you.  I personally just “wing it” when it comes to my entries.  I have no set subject or length and just write what’s on my mind.  I’d like to start creating blog entries through one of these programs so I can get a start on editing them to make them better.  I would like to try having that rough draft first.

Writing is very important to me.  It’s a form of releasing my emotions and built up feelings in a healthy way.  I’ve been writing poetry since I was a little girl, so journaling, and then blogging, seemed wonderful.  This is where I can write what I’ve been going through and be open about everything.  I may not be the best with words, or with grammar in general, but I’ll learn.  What I’ve done to help myself in that area is download a free app on my Android phone where you can study different grammar lessons, and take tests once you’re done.  There are a lot of free resources online as well that are very helpful.

There are a couple places for information on this particular challenge.  Both offer writing prompts to help you out in case you’re drawing a blank.  That little bit of help can be a big thing if you’re like me and struggle with subjects.  I know of two websites that are dedicated to this challenge.  This first is the actual website hosting it: My 500 Words.  The other is a Facebook group.  It also has 31 days, but rather than stopping there, the creator of the group decided to keep moving forward and has nearly 80 different writings prompts and adds a new one everyday.  The people are also very kind and supportive!  The group is: My 500 Words.

This is my first step to the challenge.  Day one is to commit to the plan.  So here I am telling you about it and telling you my plan.
My plan is to write.  I may not post in this blog daily, but I will post in one of my 4 blogs everyday for at least 31 days.  I will at least give it my best!
You can find my other blogs by clicking “Other blogs & links” up at the top.

7 thoughts on “My 500 Word Challenge – #1 Commit to the plan

  1. I love blogging, and I love the My 500 Words group as well. We R writing! 🙂 You should have a link to one of my blogs as well because I’m signed in through the blog.

  2. Wow! 500 words a day is a lot! I hope you are your challenge.
    I am interested in the grammar app you are talking about. What is it called?

  3. Have fun with your challenge! I’m the opposite, I need help trimming down my posts. I tend to be long-winded and rambling and have lots to say. The other day I wrote a 2,000 word post and had a hard time trimming it down to 1400. If you ever need some rambling tips, let me know, I’m your girl! 🙂 You’ll do great!

  4. O.K… by now EVERYONE in my blog world knows I talk LOTS .. I write mini posts in my comments.. almost never at a loss for words UNTIL I start to write on my own blog !! Most of it is the technical aspect of blogging.. all the information out there, the links, the time involved.. the time I just don’t have many days.. or energy.. hahaha.. but I have been checking out this 500 words and it sounds like fun and as you said, a great group of people, which is so important when you’re trying to find your groove.. I could use a good challenge (besides my current quest to learn how to crochet!) .. going to look more at this facebook page of 500 words!! Good seeing you little one 🙂

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