Child abuse….

I received a phone call today from my sister who was livid and not knowing what to do.  Her son is going to be 7 next month and her and the father take turns with my nephew weekly.  This week was the fathers turn.  His girlfriend had appointments and asked my sister to pick him up from school, which she did.  Then she noticed bruises around his neck.  When asked, he told her the fathers girlfriend did it and has been pushing him around, physically.

She said she couldn’t get a hold of the social worker, I told her to call the cops!  She asked if she could do that!  It’s physical abuse, it’s child abuse, yes, you can do that!

I’m outraged right now!!  My kids are supposed to be spending the weekend at my sisters with my nephew, maybe it will help him feel like the kid he’s supposed to feel like at his age.  I told her not to let him go back there.  The social worker and/or police had better do something about this!  They were supposed to investigate the father after my nephew told the social worker “bad things are happening at my dads house.”  But he wouldn’t tell anyone except the social worker.  So at court, he said he lied about it.  Obviously he wasn’t.  I can just imagine the crap she’s been feeding to that poor kid to scare him the way he is!!

So angry right now!

3 thoughts on “Child abuse….

  1. I remember testifying in a custody hearing between my parents. I had no desire to see my dad again, save perhaps very sporadically, but couldn’t manage to make myself say that in the court–though it was easy enough with my mom’s attorney. The result was getting stuck with visits I didn’t want, for reasons that it was hard to explain to adults.

    I hope the cops have been called. I hope they’re responding. And I hope your nephew can overcome the awkwardness of saying something bad but true and important.


  2. So sad these kids are in this situation. Can someone else make a call to social services or what ever the agency is in Canada? I think taking a child to the emergency room would prompt them to report the abuse, it does here in the US. It is law for the hospitals to report suspected abuse or neglect. I will keep them all close in my heart and prayers. ❤

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