My bedroom (spider photos)

Just a quick, late entry about my bedroom.
The kids and I all sleep on my king size bed, hubby sleeps in the living room.  I put the kids to bed tonight and they come running out screaming about a spider.  So I muster up some courage (afraid of spiders) and go in there.  He’s just a spider sitting on a web.  Looks like he’s been there for a long time.  He has a pile of black wood type beetles (the big ones), and beside that, a pile of little bugs almost like a dumping ground for his prey.  His web has three dead spiders, longer legs, smaller bodies.  He’s on his abstract web upside down and I noticed something on his belly.  I’m obviously not sticking my face that close to it, so I went and grabbed my camera, got some pictures, and came back to my computer.  While I was out here, the kids came back out screaming about another spider.  I went in, and there was another one coming out of the closet.  (This closet is a tiny cubby under the stairs)  I tried to get him into a cup, but it disappeared…I then proceed to have a fit thinking it was on me somewhere.  Thankfully, it wasn’t.  I managed to have time to upload the couple photos and crop them before I went back in to take a look at the small spiders that are in there, and found either a third one, or the second spider.  I managed to trap it in a wine bottle.  I didn’t have a jar handy and the cup was just not working for me.  I took the picture and did a google image search.  Here’s my picture, and googles results.  I did post it to the spider ID board I always use, just waiting for a reply.

sp1Google gave me this:

“Western Black Widow” (mating)

This is a pretty good match, as is the male (smaller spider) compared to the dead spiders in the web.  I’ll also add that at the base of the floor in the corner of the web, is a thick, web blob.  Babies?  There’s web all over in there so tomorrow morning, I’m going to vacuum the hell out of that little cubby!  I could do without seeing another spider ever again!

One thought on “My bedroom (spider photos)

  1. sounds like spider eggs were laid.. oh my! my sister had a spider explode baby spiders in her house years ago and she ended up having an exterminator come in, that many spiders are like a horror show! can you go on google or pinterest and find out if there’s a way to kill them with something natural. If you vacuum them clean the vac outside. ughhhh.. i’m itching crawling reading this!! uck ick and ewww!!!

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