Homeschool & heart strings


Wow.  It has been a week to say the least!  The beginning of the week was quite difficult.  My last entry, I mentioned I spoke with the school my little guy will be going through and about the special needs class.  He did start regular grade 1 and is doing good.  On Monday, I received a call around 10am from the principal of the kids school saying the other school had called.  I hadn’t had the chance to call that morning.  She was definitely shocked and tried her hardest to convince me to let him stay.  She then offered to have someone call about in town activities, so of course I agreed.  This lady called later that day saying she’s the support worker for the school and she’d look into the types of activities I mentioned to her, and then spent 15 minutes telling me why I need to keep my son in public school.  Things like “he might think he’s dumb because his sister is going to school and he isn’t” and something along the lines of the lack of socialization will corrupt his adulthood.  I called my sister who then called her ministry support worker.  I was honestly afraid that worker would have called the ministry because I was choosing to homeschool.  My sisters worker told me to call the principal and school board and place a complaint against her.  I didn’t, I couldn’t.  I don’t want the drama or the battle that could cause.  I also feel that everyone is entitled to their opinions.  The ministry worker also said the school would have no grounds to go on as homeschooling is a very acceptable option these days.  I was so stressed out that day trying to figure out what to do.  The schools worker said we could get my son into the split 1/2 class where the EA spends most of her time so he would get the extra help.  If that’s the case, why wasn’t he already in that class?  Her second option for me was half days.  I don’t see a point in that.  He’s able to do the work, but with the trouble people have understanding him, it’s been tough for him trying to get the help he needs.  I felt he needs one on one time with someone who understands his speech.

Tuesday my daughter had her health circuit; she had two needles, her sight checked, hearing checked, and her teeth checked.  She didn’t even flinch getting her needles.  She did amazingly!  After that, we drove up to the school to get my son and his things.  We had planned to take him out on Wednesday, but after the talk with the support worker, and the fact that he was enrolled with a different school, I chose to take him out.  Hubby and I get there, and automatically end up in a “meeting” with the teacher and principal…which is why we showed up early.  My poor little man cried saying bye to his friends, especially his girlfriend.  Of course, I was on the verge of tears.  The teacher and principal were also on the verge of tears.  That was one thing I never took into consideration; the bond between the staff and the students.  Once home, I was in a dark hole.  I was extremely depressed the entire day and was questioning if I did the right thing for Adam.  I’m still wondering to be honest.
On Wednesday Adam and I went to the doctor.  Adam will be going to see a pediatrician for his speech and also possible depression which was another reason I chose to pull him out.  He was coming home so sad and depressed.  It was heartwrenching.

Today, Gracie came home from school with a thick stack of papers.  The kids from Adams class had drawn pictures for him.  On the top was the drawing from his girlfriend.  In the picture, they were holding hands, happy, and hearts all over.  It said “I mes you.”  Yes, I mes you.  As we’re going through them, he starts crying…and so did I.  I know he’s hurting and that hurts me.  I can feel it.  I just hope I’m doing the right thing here for him.  I’m lost right now.

Onto the actual homeschooling topic.  I’m out of ink for my printer now; both color and black.  I’ve printed off a lot of things so far.  I had to print off this test and application to get Adam to see the speech pathologist online, I haven’t heard back yet though.  A lot of printing out school work and what not as well.  I have had to bookmark so many different websites, each have different login information, as does his online classroom.  I’ve spent a while trying to figure out different activities for him to do in school and have found some.  The Art Museum has a homeschooler program, as does The Exploration Place.  I’m looking into an art class, he’s very interested in dance and martial arts, as well as swimming.  Saturdays are going to be our library day.  I plan to take both kids to the observatory, everyone in this house has a love and fascination with the stars and planets.  I’ve also found a bunch of place to take him for field trips such as the train museum, Barkerville, roller skating, art drop in, etc.  Both kids will be able to attend a lot of the classes and field trips, so that will be great.

It’s hard though.  Just being a mom and trying to figure out what’s best for him.

7 thoughts on “Homeschool & heart strings

  1. What an emotional week you’ve all had. Give yourselves the time to settle into the new routines and I’m guessing flexibility within structure is key to homeschooling. I don’t envy the challenges you’ve been facing, but I so admire the strength you have to do what is right for your kids and in the process I’m seeing you grow too. I’m sure you can find some home school buddies in your area and really throughout the world, all so willing to share their trials, errors, different techniques all while being encouraging of eachother. Keep focused on your goals for Adam and Grace and it will all come together in time. I do believe in you!

  2. Homeschooling field trips sound like the best because you can take your time and really get into it with the kids. I don’t homeschool, but I co-school so we do a lot of things and go a lot of places outside of his time in public school. So, seeing The Exploration Place makes me wonder if you’re in Wichita? If so, I also live in Kansas and am sad to say I haven’t been there yet!

  3. Pretty emotional and tough week. I think the hardest part of being a mother is worrying about whether you’re doing the right thing for your child. That little guilt trip from the social worker probably fed the doubts you’re already having, too. I was mad for you!

    Even if you decide that it wasn’t the right choice, school is always there. It’s not going anywhere, so your choice doesn’t burn any bridges. Hope next week is a better one for you!

  4. There is nothing worse than seeing your child hurt, whether emotionally or physically. I hope that you both are feeling a bit better about the move in a few days. Give it time.

  5. Hi… Nice to meet you. I am a homeschooling mom of three boys. Don’t be too stressful for this. You should go to homeschooling co ops and also there are a lot of facebook groups about homeschooling. Hoemschooling is thrilling. We also have some communities of special need homeschooling. Good luck. take it easy.

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