A birthday

I’m wishing my daughter, my youngest, a very happy 5th birthday today!!  Which means, I have two 5 year olds until the middle of November now.  I ❤ my Irish Twins!
I clearly remember finding out I was pregnant with Grace.  I found some left over pregnancy tests after having my son Adam and figured, what the hell.  They turned up positive and I figured it was probably just left over HCG from my last pregnancy.  It wasn’t.  I was in shock.  After trying to have our first for 6 years, this little girl came out of nowhere!  It was almost unreal.  She was due September 30th, 2008 but decided to take an extra week.  Her name is Grace Margerry.  When I was 16, I had a dream the doctor handed me this baby I had just given birth to, I reached and called her Gracie.  It’s been grace ever since.  Margerry is a mixture of my grandparents who raised me; Marge and Gerry.

Happy 5th birthday my beautiful girl.  I love you to the moon!


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